Job description

The Hamburg harbour pilot is a highly trained and qualified expert in the port and its harbour, and has excellent shiphandling skills. He advises the captain on the conduct of the vessel within the Hamburg harbour limits and is responsible for the safe and smooth flow of traffic as well as for environmental protection.
In order to do this job, the pilot plays a leading role in the bridge team. Every pilot has worked his way up the career ladder to become a ship’s captain, and then has done specialized training to become a pilot. As a result he is well-qualified to assess the interrelations between the shipping companies and the ocean shipping industry within the scope of his own profession.
For a few hours during the actual pilotage, the captain and the pilot work as a team. So the pilot has to be able to deal with mariners from different corners of the world with different ways of thinking. He has to appear calm and trustworthy, work well under pressure and make the right decisions very quickly. He has to work with the authorities and traffic control centres and coordinate the necessary services (tugs and line handlers).
Applicants must have a good knowledge of German and English, as these are the basic languages for all communication. Good practical experience is required, and degree-level qualifications are an advantage.
Harbour pilots work on a self-employed freelance basis.

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