Pilots’ Tariff

Good advice has its price - the new harbour pilots’ tariff structure has proved its worth ... 

The current rules of operation are extremely client-friendly. The harbour pilots provide excellent service and cover peak traffic periods. Smooth operations, even in adverse weather conditions - a crucial factor in the Port of Hamburg’s reputation as a safe and speedy port.

Directly or indirectly, 150,000 jobs depend on this reputation.

After long negotiations with the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Hamburg Harbour Pilots’ Association has come up with a totally new tariff structure which is better suited to the demands of a modern port. The structure is based on a pricing system for each particular pilotage which is adjusted according to the overall cost of living index.

50% of any benefits arising from this rationalisation which are a result of structural changes in the Harbour Pilots’ Association will be passed on to shipping. The harbour pilots have successfully made the leap from a revenue tariff to a rate tariff.

Periodical tariff reviews have met all expectations, re-adjustment was required in 2014 only the second time after 2008 since implementation of the structural agreement for harbour pilots tariff in 2001.

We are proud to offer our clients outstanding value for
money in light of the occupational hazards and round-the-clock operational readiness which is expected of our pilots.

The Hamburg Harbour Pilots always have and always will meet the commercial demands of the Port of Hamburg.

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